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You Belong With Me :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 2 0 A special comeback from a long rest :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 2 2 Two sides of a sakura :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 0
A wonderful date with you (Gakupo x OC)
When I opened my eyes, I was already staring at a pair of beautiful lavender eyes. The owner smiled at me then cupped my cheeks with his big warm hands, pulling me close until our faces are just inches apart...
My breath hitched a little... heart started to go fast...
I blinked a few times again to refocus my vision. I've been staring at those wonderful eyesfrom the moment I opened my eyes that I did not get a chance to see his whole face.
Long purple hair tied into a ponytail that is not too girly for a man, nicely shaped brows, refined jaw, rosy cheeks, wonderful cheekbones and plump lips...
I finally realized who he is...
Kamui Gakupo---
"Are you alright?" He asked me, voice soft and smooth to the ears.
It's paralyzing that I could only nod at him...He smiled softly then kissed my nose...! I unintentionally pulled back while holding my kissed nose, making him stare at me wit slight surprise.
"Are you sure? You're all red in the face..."
Still shocked, I nodded again but
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 0
Bonds Through Horizons- Le Rouge est amour :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 0 Bonds Through Horizons- VanaN'Ice Fate Rebirth :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 2 0 Bonds Through Horizons- A Mother's Love :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 3 0
A Life with the Harmonia Family
A Life with the Harmonia Family
Everyday is always an adventure when you live in the Nimbasa castle.
Especially when you are always around the prince and princess...
Black and White are known for being adventurous children. King N had little control over their actions thus his one and only daughter grew up into a girl with less princess likes.
Though, he couldn't take it upon himself to get very upset. His wife is nothing anywhere a princess and a queen anyway...
N had to supress a wince when he heard a loud crash outside his office. Oh goodness, another one to replace. This is the reason why everything in the castle is always new. There can't be a day where things aren't broken and replaced. If such day occurs, oh god forbid, something must have happened. Hearing the sound makes the king partially happy and frustrated...
Two pairs of thundering feet was heard after the crash and it so happens that it's heading for his office. He sighed loudly and just went back to his paper. As expect
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 2 2
From Annoying to Adorable
From Annoying to Adorable
Neku's eyebrow twitched in surprise. How did it all happened anyway? They were just roaming around the castle and when he turned around, the prince shrunk to his miniature self. Poof. Just like that.
What's worse here is that the prince can't remember a thing about being a royal.
The orangette butler had to stop himself from cuddling the boy several times this morning! The boy is just so adorable with those huge purple eyes and round face...
When he got over his stupor, Neku went to find something Joshua could wear until he reverts back. Unfortunately or fortunately, the only thing Neku found in the boy's closet was an adorable gown that is heavily colored with girly pink, black laces and frills all over, maroon stockings and brown boots.
Little Joshua looks just like a life-sized doll.
"Oniichan!" The boy chirped, tugging the tail of the taller man's tailcoat.
"What is it little *hime?" He said as he crouched down to the boy's eye level. He figured out that t
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 0
My First Horse Riding...DISASTER
My First Horse Riding...DISASTER
Neku led the royal stallions out in the open. He patted the ash-maned stallion on the head being his favorite. The funny thing about it was that the stallion belongs to the prince and he didn't have anything common with the prince...coincidence? Probably. He looked up from the horse to the four cousins approaching. A smile alighted his face when the youngest, Shigeru Kiryu, waved at him with the -ahem- oh so adorable smile that seems too bright for someone that *asthmatic. Though, he noticed that the pinkette is already sweating bullets depite his very light clothing, prompting Neku to remind his careless prince about proper horse riding attires. But that's not the reason why the latter is sweating that terribly...
It's unusual-...
The four came to a stop with Neku bowing his head as a simple gesture of deference. Ah...Our orangette can't stop the smile forming on his lips...It's the same happiness he felt when *Anton and Joshua finally forgave Ryouma f
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 0
Win or Lose
Win or Lose
It all started as a friendly match between juniors and seniors. However, they all decided to add a little 'spice' to the game by giving out a dare to those who will lose. From there, all hell broke loose...
"Ok," The king, Taiki Kudou, started as he grinned at the juniors, "The loser will have to dance according to what we want. No objections."
The juniors nodded albeit reluctantly, sensing that it is already a lost cause since their seniors are not what you have to take so lightly.
Oh what impending doom have they come across now?
The roar of the gun starter echoed throughout the palace forest. All they need to do is hide while on a horse. Any method is alright as long as it is not in any form of cheating...
Ryouma, together with Yuu Amano the marquis, snuck up behind a tall bush as quiet as possible. All sorts of humming reached their ears while keeping a very close ear for the seniors.
"What do you think? Gone?" Yuu asked in a whisper. He won't dance even if it's the
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 2 0
Bonds Through Horizons- VanaN'Ice version II :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 2 0 Bonds Through Horizons- VanaN'Ice version :iconsaurie14:Saurie14 3 0
Welcome Back To You
Welcome Back To You
To say that Neku was surprised when Joshua ordered him to fix the guest room across from the royal chambers and bring out all the finest china in the castle. When he asked about the occasion, the prince simply answered:
"My cousin from Oblivion is coming to visit."
That left the orangette speechless. Now that he thought about it, if it's another cousin then the chances of that person being like his irritating prince is 99% at most. Traits run in the family, right?
If that is so...Oh boy...He's in for a rough week.
"Good day to you! You must be Josh-niisan's butler, Neku. My name is Shigeru Kiryuu! Nice to meet you!"
Neku stared at the pink-haired gentleman infront of him. He is the complete opposite of what he thought of him...Shigeru is soft-spoken and kind. He is all smiles and looked very adorable that you might mistake him for a girl.
"U-umm...a-ano sa...?"
Neku snapped out of his dazed reverie and coughed awkwardly to clear his throat, "Sumimasen! Yes, I am
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 2
An Ice Cream a Day makes Four Brothers Together
An Ice Cream a Day makes Four Brothers Together
The crown prince of Oblivion walked down the halls to the kitchen. He's had a long day from work because of his father's left overs. Damn the old man. Putting works on his own son.
When he opened the double doors, he was met with a pair of identical eyes, one blue ones and a unique gold.
"Got tired too?" The owner of the blue ones asked with a dopey smile. He was leaning his head against the counter because it was too hot and it made him feel dizzy.
The crown prince nodded at his brother then turned an inquiring gaze to the other two. All he recieved was a nod. Usually, it ticked him because of the vague response but today would be an exception since he, too, is tired and spent from signing.
"What do you guys want this time?" He asked.
"The same. We don't waver from the usual, remember?" The golden-eyed one mumbled into his arms. He's much more spent than his companions considering he is not used to doing work for more than two hours. Unl
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 0
The Central Kingdom
The Central Kingdom
-This kingdom is considered to be the mixture of the Directional kingdom. They are known for housing criminals and judging them based from their crimes. Also, rumors said that they're the four's origin.
-The rumored origin of North. The most powerful of magic users. This is also the kingdom with prisoners who used magic for evil purposes. Mostly, the prisoners here are majority from North.
King- Lute Ryner
Queen- Lute- Astal Sion
Duke- Eris Lucille
Duchess/Captain General- Eris Feris
-The rumored origin of South. Particular in justice and has limited hidden powers. This kingdom has the most notorious prisoners. They decide whether to kill the criminal or send him or her to Starish for salvation.
King- Kaburagi Kotetsu
Queen- Kaburagi- Brooks Jr. Barnaby
Duke/Captain General -    Antonio
Duchess- Lyle Karina
-The rumored origin of West. They are musical prodigies and responsible for delivering nationwide melodies. They receive priso
:iconsaurie14:Saurie14 1 6

My drawings and sometimes outlines...Please comment and do whatever you like...whether favorite it or anything! XD


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As of now, I'm accepting requests~! I found this busying myself since I'm wanting my hand to get better in sketching! Besides, my hand is craving to draw! XDD

That's for now...But you can request an anime you want but it'll take 2 weeks or 3 weeks before I can finish it since I'm still learning about it.
You can also request for an animeXOC for example;
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If you're not an anime enthusiast, you can request for a non-anime related stuff (like cute stuffs or dogs, cats, cakes or flowers). Also, I can do doodles too so be free to request...Just include your name and the type of design you want and it's up to me to do it!
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【Be true. Be proud. You are who you are, people can live with that.】

Name: Kiryu Saurie 「キリュサウリエ」

Birthday: June 14, 1997

Status: Single. [Proud single! \(^ω^)/]

Nationality: Filipino by blood. Japanese by heart.

Color: Blue. Violet. Pink. Yellow.

Hobbies: I WRITE all sorts of stuff for my current fandom. I DRAW whenever I feel like it. I READ ALL sorts of fanfic. I SING but that's when I feel my voice's fine. I DANCE to all sorts of music, J-pop mostly. I love DOWNLOADING files and store them in USBs for COLLECTION purposes.

Favorites: ANIME, 'nuff said. I'm obssessed with BOOKS that has anime covers as preference but I never read them unless I'm bored. FOOD.

Obssession: ANIME. PHONE. TABLET. I have this crazy obssession about my external storage reaching half...When it does, I transfer files to another lesser storage. XD


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★☆We can never be true to ourselves even if we try. It's like having a twin yet you can't touch it because it's just your reflection with a different demeanor.☆★

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Why do I keep wanting for something when I can't have it in the end?

That's the pondering I've done for a very long time. Why, indeed?
I'm hardly the sentimental person when it comes to my own feelings but maybe this will help me get some cool from all the bottled up emotions from the year that had passed.

I lost too many things just to keep something that somehow, I lost on the way to recovery...I thought everything's gonna be okay but apparently, it's not the case when I realized it too late.

Haha! I'm blabbering non-sense...

Either way, even if I keep on wallowing on self-pity, nothing will ever change.
I've already become a broken shell anyway...I'm barely hanging and I don't think I'll be repaired from such damage.

I will keep on walking but darkness is where my heart lay.

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